M Quinto Sol Biography Who we are

  • Mariachi Quinto Sol, was founded in 2018, by it's director Roberto Diaz. It was Roberto's vision to create a band of dynamic, professional musicians that would bring a modern aspect to  their musical culture, yet keeping the basic tradition and style that make up Mariachi genre unique.  M Quinto Sol is based in L,A the band members are professional, talented, young recording artist, musicians, who have been performing music since their childhood. Their traditional repertoire as well as their  more modern sound and style and great musicianship will provide you with an intense musical experience to suit your traditional or contemporary taste.  These exceptional musicians are no strangers to our local venues. M Quinto Sol staged regularly at "Fiesta Martin,"  "Ixtapa Lounge," and The legendary: "La Fonda De Los Camperos."   In may of 2015 M Quinto Sol was invited by CSUN to perform in a Mexican Folklore festival, hosted by the Chicana Chicano studies department. In the same year,  they had a couple of interesting and fun experiences by collaborating with Ms. Melody Thornton, ex member of the Pussy Cat Dolls and in another exceptionally fun project in Mitu's  Mariachi version of the "Pokemon," theme song.  IN 2018, Mariachi Quinto Sol made history when they were invited to participate in the Nice Carnival, in Nice, France and again when they performed at the legendary "Whisky A Go Go," September 2, 2021; since then they have performed there two more times. In February of 2022, they became the first Mariachi band to perform at the Historic, "The Airliner."  With the individual talent, the collective passion; enthusiasm; energy and experience of these fine musicians, along with the vision of their Director Roberto Diaz, Mariachi Quinto Sol is set out to satisfy any audience with their outstanding performance of their traditional repertoire as well as the more modern style, it is their sound and fusion that sets them apart from  any other mariachi bad.